August 20, 2012

teen film festival logo

Another fun project for me! This festival has been running for several years but this is the first year my library is joining in as a partner. The time had come for a new name and a new logo that reflected the new partnership.

The design we ended up going with was actually one of my first ideas.

Here it is in black and white:

And here it is in color:

As you can see, I based the design on a stop light. Red (stop) with the exclamation point in the little speech bubble represents having  an idea and message to share. Yellow (slow down) with the film reel symbolizes taking the time to create your film. And green (go) with the eye references the actual festival where your film will be viewed by an audience.


  1. So creative! I really like the flow of this eyes naturally wanted to move from the top to the bottom. Nice work, sister!