August 6, 2012

Write Michigan logos

I recently had the honor of developing some logo options for a short story content. Here are the three designs that were presented to the committee.

 campfire, storytelling, myths, messages, memories, words leaping off page

ripples, water, remembering, land and place as inspiration, clouds, dreams

bold type, waves and water, the printed page, books

My favorite is the middle one so I will end showing it to you in color. I developed several color versions of each of these. The committee ended up choosing the final logo out of the above three choices.

I would love to hear which one resonates with you and why. Please leave a comment!


  1. I also think my favorite is the second one--I'm not exactly sure why but it immediately brought my mind to outdoor adventures in the mitt. :) I also really like how the first one appears as though the story is coming alive.

  2. My favorite is the first one. I like that the book is like a fire -- reading lights things up. Although I also like the middle one, esp. in color.

  3. Ladies, you are right with me about liking the first two better. I think they both have more a story to them.

    I will also note that color makes a huge difference in how you perceive a design. That's why the best bet is to present in black and white first. A strong design will always work well in black and white. Someone might so like a color that they choose a design that isn't the strongest because they had an emotional reaction to the color!

  4. I like the middle one the best - but I can appreciate all of them! I like the UP showing up - a part of Michigan that is often not included. Plus the "rocks" that look like they are arranged as "inukshuk" - is that the right term? We do have appreciation for a good stone! You do such good work, Amanda!

  5. Ooh, yes, they do look a bit like a stack of rocks. And I feel strongly about showing the UP too. It's not fair to leave them off. That particular logo incorporates that part of our geography well.

  6. Amanda- Only having seen the third (and winning option) until now, which I was also very impressed with, I do very much like the first two choices! I heard repeatedly that the third option reminded people of the old state license plates. Well done on all three!