January 9, 2013

Christmas gift crafted: birch tree accessories!

My dear sister-in-law has purchased an awesome condo. You know – along the river, in the heart of downtown, converted from an old furniture factory, exposed brick, don't you wish you lived there, cool type condo. I would almost be jealous except for how much I love my quaint brick bungalow and my walkable neighborhood.

Anyway, one wall of her place is done in a sweet birch tree wallpaper. You honest to goodness feel like you're in a forest. It is striking and very well done and perfect in the place she put it. So when I started thinking Christmas crafts I started thinking birch tree! I sent out an email plea at work for supplies and happily was able to find someone who was willing to let me pick through her nice stack of birch wood and branches.

Here's a list of what I came up with (as in totally invented, I am so proud of my craftiness):
1. Fridge magnets with cute fabric designs, these are about the size of a quarter
2. Drink coasters, sealed and finished with felt bottoms
3. Christmas ornaments: flat with baubles
4. Christmas ornaments: 3D stack of tree slices with beads and buttons


  1. Thank you! The hardest part was tracking down someone with some birch wood! Ha!