January 21, 2013

At long last new kitchen curtains!

This blog tells no lies. I must confess. Let me find it. Here it is! In a post dated March 10, 2010 I go on enthusiastically about finally finding the perfect fabric for my kitchen curtains. And, to add to my embarrassment,  I just re-read the comments and discover myself enthusing about patching and painting the ceilings, painting the walls, and even mention painting the cabinets and trim!

Well, dearest blog friends, not quite 3 years later and I have finally finished the curtains. That paint swatch for Rhapsody by Behr is still taped to the wall. I recently visited a friend's house and saw her freshly painted light teal room and said "That's the color I want in my kitchen! Email the name of it to me." She did and I looked at the paint swatch and saw it was the very same shade! So, if I haven't changed my mind in three years it is a pretty safe bet I want to paint that color.

Before: gold & brick red plaid, now sadly faded

After: teal and red and green and poppies and dogwood blooms, how lovely

A few comments on sewing these. They're basically hemmed squares, so not particularly difficult. In fact, I think the originals may have been cloth napkins. Or maybe not since they have fringe. Anyway, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to teach myself mitered corners. Well, I did that for about 3 squares (I had to do 12 total) and was disappointed with the slowness of the process and stopped working on them all together for several months.

Then I had the epiphany that this was a classic case of perfect being the enemy of good. Especially since said corners were to be on the back of curtains and therefore never ever seen or noticed. So out with perfect (mitered corners) and in with the good (folded over corners that my machine handled just fine). And now it is done. Perfect!

As an update on the rest: I am totally itching to paint the walls. I have giving up any desire to paint the cabinets and trim. That's the level of nice I will accomplish 20 years from now if we're still in the same house and decide to spend money on brand new cabinets.

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