January 16, 2013

Christmas gift crafted: clothesline photo frames!

So my mom clipped this from a catalog and passed it along to me with the comment "we could make this." I instantly thought "Oh good! A crafty gift idea I can use for Christmas!" I find some frames, some already owned and some thrifted. My husband and I talk through the hardware and the wires and he gets to work (love his willingness to go along with my craziness!). I buy the black spray paint. I buy some tiny black clothespins.

And then I visit my mom. What does she have hanging on a wall?! A black frame with wires for clipping photos on! She went out and bought one before I could give her one!

Fortunately there are others near and dear to me who would also appreciate such an object so I went forward with my crafting all the same.


  1. Thank you, Sister, for you and your craftiness. The frames have found a home in the kids' bathroom. =)

  2. Hey now! It was a good idea! We were just inspired at different times - ha!

  3. Don't feel insulted, mama. You do get credit for getting the ball rolling!