July 8, 2013

So what's next?

Hello friends! It has been way too long. Let me tell you about June. School ended, my job ended (by choice but still a big giant life change), we camped, we had a death in the family, we mourned, and to tell you the truth I still find myself surprised that my grandfather is actually gone.

And then to kick off July, we camped again. So I haven't been too focused on "making time for art." And the art I have done or noticed or been inspired by just hasn't made it up here on the blog quite yet.

But I am back now! So without further ado, I present you with not one but two "what's next?" items to ponder.

The first is a gigantic bolt of fabric. There is a custom drapery and curtain shop in my neighborhood. They are not going out of business but they are closing their showroom. It was a mere $10 for this bolt of lovely fabric. Apparently it was used on curtains in the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital (ooh – found a photo here!). So unlike a cotton fabric or even a home decorator weight fabric you might buy at the store, it is meant to be viewed on both sides. It is quite heavy in weight but smooth and soft. I have no plans to use it as curtains. In fact, I have no plans for it at all. This is dangerous territory people, buying supplies with no project in mind!

I have pondered a teepee like the one seen on the cover of Growing Up Sew Liberated: Making Handmade Clothes and Projects for Your Creative Child by Meg McElwee. Other than that, I got nothing. Any thoughts or inspirations?

The second is this stack of frames. My other grandma is on a cleaning binge and this is one of the treasures I decided to accept despite their bulkiness. They have solid wood beneath the green felt and were used to display watch fobs. I think I could easily replace the wood with cork or whiteboard or with chicken wire or something equally fabulous to make some classy bulletin boards. Or maybe I could get the green felt off and paint the interior with chalkboard paint. I am having visions of spray painting the frames fun glossy colors too. Hmm... Any other ideas?


  1. Fun!

    This has been on my crafty "to do" list forever....I'm hoping to one day come across a super big frame at a flea market~

  2. What fun things to have! That fabric is so fun and so you. I could definitely see it as a teepee, or even as a cover for one of those giant pouf pillows. The frames are great, too. You could paint one of the inserts with chalkboard paint and make mini, portable chalkboards.

    Hope this season of change calms down a bit for you soon. Sounds like a rough beginning of summer.

  3. Ooh, giant pouf pillows could be fun! Thanks for the idea. Keep writing too, I've been lovin' your blog lately!