January 15, 2014

Art-making as a birthday gift!

One of my dearest friends "kidnapped" me for my birthday and whisked me off to a surprise destination: Naked Plates! It's a do-it-yourself pottery painting place. I was in a panic about what to choose to paint but luckily she had bought a special promotion. So I got a matching cup and bowl and a small plate. We started around 10:00 in the morning and totally intended to wrap it up before a nice lunch date.

As it turns out, we weren't done painting until 3:30 pm! Wow! I had a container of trail mix to sustain me and we always entertain each other quite well. Besides all the yacking and snacking, there was the fact that the base coat needs to be painted 3 times as does each individual thing you paint on top. If you check out my plate above you can see I didn't exactly make this easy on myself!

Our beauties before firing:

My plate after:

I thought it was going to be Christmas decor but I might just leave it up year round.

And my bowl and cup hard at work in the kitchen (not holding food though!):

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