April 30, 2014

A note on knobs

As part of the dresser update I had fantasies about all the beautiful knob options that are out there. The fact that I needed to purchase 16 of those babies brought me and my budget back to reality. Then I went on a pinning spree about all the cute ways you could paint the plain wooden knobs that the dressers came with.

Never one to be daunted by a craft project, I had my husband help me screw the knobs into a box top for stability and got painting. I went with yellow to match the room's walls. The dresser with pink drawers had knob designs in blue. The dresser with blue drawers had knob designs in pink.

Now that it is over with I am going to say it was not as easy as I had expected. I think I may have been hindered by my lack of artist quality brushes as well. So if you like the look of hand-painted knobs but have any doubt about your ability to paint fine details, I would strongly suggest you support one of the lovely etsy artists who sell these!

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