April 28, 2014

Dual dresser updates

Part of the pre-baby plan is to move little sister in with big sister. Since big sister's current bed is also her dresser we needed a new dresser for her and then also for little sister. I got obsessed last fall with cruising Craig's List and visiting the Allegan Antique Market. I found two vintage dressers in need of a little love. Then the weather got colder and I got to feeling sicker and all progress stopped. So there the poor dressers sat in the garage all winter long.

Fast forward to spring and here we go!

This is as close as you're going to get to an official "before" photo. The one on the left was from Craig's List and had been painted at least twelve times previous. It did end up being the better functioning piece of furniture in terms of the drawers sliding. 

The one on the right was from the Antique Market and upon closer examination by my husband we've decided it is likely homemade. I did fall in love with its sweet details: the picket fence sides and the sweet little curves along the top and bottom. However, the drawers definitely don't glide as nicely. Ah, well.

My first design idea was white dressers with drawers done ombre style. So the top drawer would be pink at 100%, the next at 80% of the original shade, 60% and 40%. Of course, I was going to do this on the cheap so that meant I would be adding white to the original shade and trying to invent my own lighter shades. This looks very cool but in the end the idea kind of tired me out.

So the modification was to do all the drawers the same shade. The room is already done in pink, yellow, and green and I had in my head I wanted to add some blue to the mix. So one dresser has pink drawers (a wall color choice of the previous owners; yay for leftovers). The other dresser has my beloved blue from painting my kitchen.

The lovely "after" photos:

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