September 2, 2016

DC inspiration: Renwick Gallery (part 2)

One more post on the Renwick Gallery, friends, and I will have completed my Washington, D.C. sharefest and will officially move onto Wisconsin. You might not think "art" when you think "Wisconsin" but I was pleasantly surprised by my art experiences there. Come back next week for more!

Janet Echelman is a brand new artist to me and I was in awe of her piece. Site-specific art made just for a particular place is pretty cool anyways. Not only was there the sculpture hanging from the ceiling but also the lights and the carpet and the floor cushions. The entire experience was designed.

The piece is titled 1.8  – the number of microseconds the day was shortened  on the day of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Her powerful immersive piece visually represents the energy released during that event. While brushing my teeth this morning and writing this post in my head I was thinking about how this piece of art takes something absolutely horrific and displays it so beautifully. A very curious thing to ponder. You can watch a short video of the artist discussing the piece.

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