September 5, 2016

Wisconsin love: John Michael Kohler Arts Center (artist Jessica Calderwood)

Bloom by Jessica Calderwood
First off, if you ever end of traveling in Wisconsin and you like art, well, you better get yourself over to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheybogan. We were having an "off" day (2.5 weeks of togetherness will do that to a family) and the weather was so-so and after having a very windy picnic I kind of insisted on going to this place. Y'all know me, I had done my research ahead of time so no awesome art destination was escaping my radar. It was one of those places that was really for me more than anyone else in my family but they all found it amusing enough. All that to say, please visit!

Head Full of Thistle, Bad Seed, and Haze – all by Jessica Calderwood
My favorite new artist discover in Wisconsin was the lovely Jessica Calderwood. I imagine her to be a lovely person since I find her work lovely. Slightly odd, occasionally disturbing, but mostly pretty. I was very amused by the lady legs attached to plant life. Or the portraits of flowers. And her clever titles are just as telling as the pieces. Despite these pieces being faceless there is a startling amount of emotion in each of them.

Succulent, Barren, Propagated, and Rooted – all by Jessica Calderwood
I just had to devote a whole post to her because I couldn't pick just one favorite.

So Square by Jessica Calderwood

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