July 29, 2010

Confessions from a first time sewer

Ok, people, I am about to fess up to some serious mistakes here. I am just putting it out there so that my fellow crafty-at-hearts who haven't dared to attempt sewing or are in the baby steps, just-learning stage like me feel better. The rest of you can just be amused.

If you recall, the extent of my sewing experience involves:
A. watching other people do it for me
B. a one-time intro class

My dear partner in craft and I decided to make pillowcases to match our yet-to-exist quilts. Should be easy enough – right? All straight lines after all. Even I dared a bit of confidence!

First step, thread the bobbin (yay for me that I even know what a bobbin is!). I got the spool of thread and the empty bobbin in their places, all ready to go. I tentatively pushed down on the pedal. Nothing. "You need to turn on the machine," my friend reminded me. Oh.

Confession 1: I did not turn on the sewing machine!

Next step, getting the machine threaded. I carefully get that bobbin all settled in with the end of the thread right where it is supposed to be. Then I am studying the front of the machine and wondering about that diagram for the thread.

Confession 2: I forgot (again) that the thread comes from two places. This is seriously new to me.

Time to sew! I am happy to report that the very first steps of measuring and cutting and ironing (the iron and I are on friendly terms again) and pinning went just fine. So I really was ready to go.

Confession 3: Put the pins in the "wrong way" so they stick me as the fabric moves along. Oh well!

This is a straight line people. Straight! Oh no, heading off the edge again! Adjust!

Confession 4: I had to, uh, "adjust" 8 times. That might be more than an oops!

Hold it up to see how it went. Look closely and notice one of the pieces isn't even sewn in! Fail! Plus, check out this gobby thready mess at the beginning. Rough!

Confession 5: I ripped out the entire thing.

I wish I could tell you that I got right back on that machine but it just isn't true. Yet. At least I had a week of vacation in there as an excuse!

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  1. confession is good for the soul! We have to keep practicing!