July 12, 2010

imagine a rounded set of steps

Not half a wedding cake. Please, no one forward this sketch onto my drawing teacher!

My vision is for the steps to be the width of the sliders, even though we'd actually only need stairs where they open. But making them wider would be visually "right." I am not 100% sure that the stone will be the same as that used on the patio but I fully intend they will be created in a similar color palette. I am excited that my husband thinks he can do the rounded design. That curve will mimic the curves we already have around the backyard garden and the curved edge we envision for the patio.

Another option we have discussed, one that is still on the table depending on what we discover when we're stone shopping, is using a large, thick rectangular stone to be an instant step.

Also, I am not necessarily sure we'll need two steps. It may just end up being one. In that case, I will probably arrange the stepping stones in some sort of curved, entrance area right in front of the step.


  1. personally, I like the 'insta-step' idea better...seems a little more natural. If you do go with the curved step, make sure you think about how deep the tread is on the edge. You may need to increase the width of the step (past the door edges) to make sure the step is deep enough on the edges. Just a thought. Looks like you're having a ton of fun!

  2. Good point. You wouldn't want to step out onto the curve. I am not against insta-step but it would be such a beast to move into place. I don't know if "fun" is an accurate word at this point!