July 22, 2010

A quiet night at the Gardens

During the summer the Meijer Gardens are open late on Mondays as well as their usual Tuesdays. My daughter and I went the other night and walked on the boardwalk through the wetlands. I didn't bring a stroller and it was definitely a long way for her little legs.

We were awarded with lots of wildlife sitings along with our Chihuly glass though. First, a soaking wet muskrat with a yellow fish in its mouth crossed our path. Then we spotted, heard, and observed over 40 bullfrogs. We also enjoyed an assortment of birds: geese, ducks, herons, redwing blackbirds, and songbirds. On our way back in, while we were in the woodland garden, we spotted a skunk! How many critters can you get in one trip? I think everything was out and about since it was evening.

Find more information on Chihuly and his work on artsy.net.

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