July 21, 2010

imagine a stone patio underneath that pergola

I sure hope you aren't tired of my backyard project yet, dear readers. I am itching to get to some sewing projects soon but we're operating on a deadline for the backyard. The ultimate deadline would be Michigan winter but my teacher husband strongly prefers we get this beast tamed before real life (the school year) starts up again.

Here are some favorites gathered from the world wide web. You will note that these patios are made from more natural, rough stones. I have nothing against brick patios, mind you. In fact, I have seen many lovely examples while doing my research. However, I have always pictured our project as being more "natural" and haven't really changed my mind on that. I hope to choose stone that is colored in warm tones that will be compatible with the brick of our house. Also, we are planning on a curved edge like you see in the first few photos.

I also threw in a a few that aren't right for me but look really cool – like the one with square tiles broken up with the blue toned stones. Or the fancy curved wall with the fountain.

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