December 2, 2010

art on the walls – finally!

Funny how something so simple can sit around undone for months and months. At last we managed to produce hammer and nails at a time when the child was awake and find homes for several framed pieces (the framing itself was another thing that sat undone for months and months!).

A brief tour:

 Migrated from the basement where the computer used to me. The colors are right and the design (anyone remember this as a postage stamp?) one of my favorites.

 Hanging over the fireplace instead of propped on the mantel. It's a summery image but I think I will be leaving it up year round for the time being. Until fresh inspiration strikes.

Tucked in a cozy corner together. I threatened to not hang these at all until I acquired a third to group with them but that seemed a silly reason not to go ahead and enjoy them. I had several other spots in mind for this pair but they're just too small out in the open. I either need lots and lots of smaller ones or some large ones to mix in before I venture into those wide open spaces.

So the good news: I have walls enough to get (or create!) more art in the future!

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