December 8, 2010

more decorating with Christmas cards

I always save my favorite Christmas cards and rehang them on my lovely French doors (one per pane) but this decorating season I have used them in new ways.

I like to tuck them in various places: a long horizontal card on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, two featuring my "cow cat" sitting on a side table, one with calligraphy text depicting the various names of Jesus near a large letter A that I display year round, a cheery snowman card near a cheery snowman decoration and so on.

Here, the lavender robes of this Mary illustration and the tall, thin orientation of the card mimic the antique glass bottle I already had on display. And now that I am looking at the photo again, I notice that the floral pattern and gold found within the plate also pick up on details in the card.

Something new for me this year was using them on my mantle. I sorted out all of the old cards featuring Christmas tree designs and aligned them on top of my garland.

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