December 7, 2010

crafting for the Library – card tree

In another Martha-inspired moment I sought to recreate her card tree. First you hunt down a collection of branches and a favorite vase or bucket. Then you choose a variety of Christmas card fronts and either use them whole or cut smaller shapes from them. A simple hole punch, some ribbon, and perhaps a bead and you've created custom ornaments. Some sort of rocks or gravel will probably help to stabilize your branches.

For my tree I stuck to a specific color scheme – blues and teals. This made it easier to sort my cards and select the ones I would ultimately use. For the most part my ribbon was too thick for the beads I had so for a few I chose to use thread.

Like all my artistic endeavors, it took me longer than I expected. However, it's a fairly simple craft and a great way to make use of favorite cards from years past. My finishing touch was a partially full box of vintage blue Christmas bulbs (another treasure from my mom's bountiful basement!).


  1. very cute! =)

  2. That's the nicest thing you have ever said about my basement - sniff sniff!