December 16, 2010

wreath making!

Every year, on Thanksgiving or near it, I take the clippers and go foraging in my parents' backyard for a variety of greens and their front yard for holly. I always save the low branches from our you-cut Christmas tree as well. From this great heap of raw material, a wire wreath frame, and a roll of green floral wire, I create a wreath. I love doing it, I love the results, and I love that I have created this tradition that is really a gift for myself.  That's what the best art and craft should be about: enjoying every step of the process.

I've taken a class in making wreaths before but it involved dried flowers, a styrofoam base, and hot glue. So I don't think much of that knowledge applies here. I pretty much have developed my own method. I pick the flatter branches for the first layer, arrange them so they encircle the base, one tucking beneath the previous, and wire them into place. Then I just build up from there. I save the smallest pieces, like the holly, for last as they serve as more of an accent. The best part about using a variety of different evergreens is the difference in shape, color, and texture.

The back of the frame: You can see how the base-layer branches get woven into the frame.

The finished product!


  1. Beautiful, Amanda! You are so talented and never stop impressing me!

  2. Martha would be so proud of you, it turned out beautiful. You make it look so easy but I'm sure I would be wrestling with it. I can't wait to see it.