June 6, 2011

Sunroom color palettes

So after we paint the kitchen – perhaps next summer – then my next room to tackle will be the sunroom. I have actually already painted it a nice sunshiney yellow and have no intentions of changing that. Now that we are working on furnishing and accessorizing the adjoining outdoor room (the patio and pergola of last summer's labors) I am contemplating the sunroom as a parallel space. Like the patio area and the sunroom are sibling rooms.

Right now we have a couch in there but it is there by default and not design. I redid it in college with the help of a seamstress friend who was always willing to assist in making my visions reality. I have quite enjoyed it but the colors are not something I chose with this particular space in mind. Besides, we have long discussed getting a pullout couch of some kind so that we have a place for a guest to sleep if the need arose. I just read in some design magazine that you should always get neutral furniture so you can update the accessories in the room and completely change it. But I, the one who owns a red couch, may just be inspired to buy a purple or orange one for this room.

I am also pondering some bold, modern, floral pattern curtains on the two windows that face each other. Something with vines that are similar to the ones we are growing outside perhaps?

And a nice big rug for the center of the room. Perhaps an end table with a lamp? A cozy chair tucked into a corner for reading? Maybe a coffee table? I have an old cedar trunk tucked into a closet that might make a nice surface.

We have also discussed moving the rocking glider indoors during the winter so that makes me wonder if I should leave space for that.

The current room is mostly occupied by the cat. As you can see, it was added onto the exterior of the house so the brick and what was once an exterior window are a part of the room. I kind of like that uniqueness.

Here are some color palettes I have been pondering:

This was from a recent issue of Midwest Living. I can't say I've really explored using pink much in our home before now.

These are pages from a recent Crate & Barrel catalog. Of course I am attracted to all these bright colors. The warm purple is the same shade I painted our shutters and exterior doors last summer.

I am very intrigued by the combination of the ocean teal (the color I envision for the kitchen) and the warm purple. The room is from House Beautiful and the ad is for clothing by Coldwater Creek.

In the end, the decision will most likely be made by finding the perfect rug, fabric, or couch and going from there.

Any opinions anyone?

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  1. My vote would be for the Crate and Barrel color combo. I think it would transition nicely from your dining room colors and would give you more options for rugs/curtains/couch,etc.