October 17, 2012

Renegade Craft Fair – I had to have it!

Long ago in September I flitted off to Chicago to go to the Renegade Craft Fair. Renegade is done annually in select cities and has a very specific vibe. Things there are perhaps not for everyone but they do fit my style. A friend of mine and I had been talking about going for years and we finally made it happen. I am so glad we did! The mix of artists was great and the 3-hour car ride flew by as we talked up a storm. Funny how you can do that with someone you talk to on a regular basis anyway!

I did not take photos at the fair because it was super crowded and I did not want to be mistaken as an idea-stealer. However, I have three different posts planned highlight my favorite artists. Due to the magic of etsy you too can shop Renegade!

Today's posts will show you where my own money went.

About a year ago I went short with my hair (again, it has been done before!) and since then I have been trying to freshen up my long earring collection. So I indulged in some earring purchases:

Gem Junkie
Amazingly enough her earrings were only $5 a pair. Someone must be getting a steal on the bead costs to sell them priced this low. I bought pairs featuring trees, perching birds, and planets (for my space-loving sister – Happy Birthday!).

earrings from Overdue Industries
earrings from Overdue Industries

Overdue Industries
Everything these guys had for sale was made from old books. Being that I work at a library and love books, I could totally appreciate this! I bought two pairs of earrings for myself. They are punched out of the ornate covers of old Reader's Digest condensed books. So cool! The earrings were even hanging on a backing that looked like an old school check out card where you had to write your name and the date you checked out the book. You know, in the days before barcodes. I have a long teal and white pair and a circular red and white pair. They also had necklaces and nightlights and coasters.

There were a lot of vendors selling stationery and posters and prints. Be still, my heart! As a graphic designer, my skills and my love fall squarely within the realm of print design so it was lovely to see that paper isn't dead. Nothing beats a heartfelt and hand-written note now does it?

For my home I indulged in art from two different artists:

Autumn Cardinal by Strawberry Luna

Strawberry Luna
I bought all four of the cardinal prints. One for each season. I love little birdies, I love birch trees, I love nature, and I love silk screened illustrations in this style. Of course I had to have these little sweeties. I haven't decided how to frame them or wear to hang them so they are laying flat and waiting for me to figure that out!

Shade of a Tree by Thimblepress

A lovely thing to remember –gratefulness for those who came before and an eye toward leaving "shade" for those to come. Soon to be hanging in my sunroom. And such a lovely design – the kind of thing I aspire to do.

Lest you think this trip was only about me, I will have you know gifties were purchased from these artists:

The cutest felt animal masks. Something I suppose I could have made myself but nothing wrong with supporting an artist and stuffing a stocking all in one fell swoop. I can't find a business card for this booth so I cannot report to you who it was. Apologies!

Circa Ceramics
I loved these ceramics. They came in a range of cool colors and were printed with black illustrative line art. They seemed bright and cheerful and functional. What more could you want? I couldn't decide on a piece for myself – or a safe location in my house – so I ended up buying a piece as a gift.

Tree Hopper Toys
I was super in love with the "Match Stacks" memory games made with flat wooden disks and simple, symbolic art. Cute!

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