October 24, 2012

Renegade Craft Fair – I loved it!

More from Renegade Craft Fair! I didn't buy from any of these vendors (yet) but I would of... so many lovely and interesting things!

Earrings by Foxglove Accessories

Foxglove Accessories
Each of these teeny tiny little treasures was created using vintage postage stamps. The back of the card would tell you what era and what country the stamps were from. Fascinating.

Sword Fern Cuff by Wonderlust Jewelry

Wonderlust Jewelry
Breathtakingly gorgeous stainless steel jewelry. The designs are made using actual bits of nature so every piece is unique. I overhead the artist explaining her process – it has to do with chemistry and reminded me of how photographs are developed. At the point I came across her booth I had just bought myself some other jewelry so I was trying to slow up my self spending for a bit. Otherwise, I could have easily made a purchase here!

FoundRe: Furnishings
I love and adore the texture and the mystery history of layers of peeling paint. There were some gorgeous tables whose tops were pieced together with different colored narrow pieces of wood salvaged from New Orleans (trim maybe?). They were lovely and reminded me a bit of quilts. Sorry I don't have a photo!

Bat mobile kit from Owly Shadow Puppets
Owly Shadow Puppets
I think these cutouts would work equally well as creative playthings and home decor items!

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