February 11, 2013

A fantastic felt tree trio!

I snagged these lovelies on clearance at Art of the Table, one of my favorite little shops in here Grand Rapids. I had a gift certificate from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket and so I picked out a new tablecloth and this tree trio.

They were each topped with the cutest white star. I even traded one at the last minute when the clerk helpfully pointed out that the star was loose on one I had chosen. And then one day I saw the stars laying upon the shelf next to the trees. Neatly plucked off courtesy of a busy and ambitious 20-month-old. Oh well!

I am imagining a whole forest of course. Topping the before-mentioned table. Or clustering in various corners of the house. And I want to try so many color combinations. You know me and color. Perhaps a craft for next Thanksgiving? I haven't looked for any online tutorials but they seem fairly simple in construction.


  1. I've wanted to make these for years....maybe a crafting session is needed ;)


  2. Girl, I am in! We can even make them off season if you want. Let's pick a day soon!

    Ooh, the ones on your link are softies. That's super fun too.

    Let the tree crafting begin!

  3. Those are way adorable -- great score!