February 15, 2013

A taste of poster design

The library's biggest event of the year is happening in just a few days! Taste of Soul Sunday celebrates African American history and culture and is wildly popular year after year.

This is the poster design we used, which is very similar to years past:

As a creative experiment, I tried refreshing the design. The "8" represents the fact that this is the eighth annual event. I used some images from past events mixed with images of this year's performers and presenters. I think it gives you a sense of the flavor of the event more quickly than the tried and true design. However, because it is not as thorough and doesn't list every single presenter, the committee decided against using it.

I suppose in a perfect world I would have had enough time to attempt a blending of the best elements from each of the two designs. Part of me thinks that probably wouldn't have worked anyway. I think the strength of the experimental poster was the fact that there was less to digest.

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