June 8, 2010

front yard update: the details

For the green thumbs out there, I will provide more information on the plants I chose. I actually think I lost a few tags in the process but most of them are represented below.

I was actually really excited to see the wide variety of ferns. The two I chose had interesting stems: one has red stems and the other has thin black stems that look like wire. I am hoping they both spread. I also was pleased to find a bleeding heart plant with white flowers. The one that is already established has pink flowers. So now I will have one of each. I think the yellow grass is super-sassy and I am excited about seeing it get taller. I am also pretty pleased with the coral bells. There's a wide variety as far as leaf color. I think they're rather unusual.

Isn't seeing these tags all in a row visually interesting? Art project anyone?

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