June 18, 2010

mysterious mushrooms!

Recent rainy weather has brought us an invasion of fabulous fungus. I am most impressed with the wide range of sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. Who knew mushrooms could be so beautiful? No? You can't go that far? Interesting then! My daughter seems to have a keen eye for them, perhaps because she is lower to the ground. We enjoy "sciencing" them (investigating with a magnifying glass).


  1. Amanda, I am very impressed with your blog. I love to create things too. But we have been figuring out what o do with this mess of fungi that is growing in our garden. I'm glad I got another perspective! But I still refuse to look at this stuff up close or touch it. But I appreciate finding the beauty in it.

  2. Kafi, thanks for the compliment. I quite enjoy the natural world. Much better to be amused than annoyed when possible (I do draw the line at things like invading ants though). What kind of garden? Flower or vegetable?

  3. Flower garden. OK really, the back yard. But this one has lots of flowers and bushes.