June 3, 2010

Something else I would like to do

Print making!

I recently read this profile of artist Lisa Price and her printmaking business and was again reminded of how much I adore the look of bold and basic prints. I dabbled in linoleum prints in my image-making class in college. I think it takes a bit of drawing skill to get things to look how you want them to but I enjoyed it despite my lack of drawing experience. Lisa Price sells her work under the name Artgoodies.

I am also a fan of local artist Alynn Guerra. She sells her work under the name Red Hydrant Press. I went to an opening at her studio last fall and was totally inspired. It was a Day of the Dead exhibit called Dead End Prints (follow the link, the exhibit is up online!) and other artists were showing their prints as well. When I went back to pick up a piece of her work I purchased she took the time to answer my questions and show me the presses she uses. Very sweet of her!

I must say, sewing and quilting are probably the focus for now but I am going to have to go at the print making someday in the future for sure.

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