June 24, 2010

gravestones are art too

Those of you who are near and dear to me know that I have an odd little obsession with old cemeteries and the designs found on gravestones. I am busting out with Library pride because I just returned from one of two Fulton Street Cemetery Tours being held as a part of GR Reads. I was not the only one with an interest: 140 people were in attendance. Wow!

Tom Dilly, a local historian and Library fan, led us on a tour of who's who in Grand Rapids history. Along the way we learned about the history of gravestone designs, the different stones used, and a whole lot of other interesting tidbits. There's something for everyone: a little art, a little architecture, a little history, and a lot of Grand Rapids pride. If you missed this one then mark your calendars for Saturday, July 24. Rumor has it the Grand Rapids Historical Society is hosting tours of Oak Hill Cemetery on September 18 and 19 too.

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