October 19, 2011

autumn leaf suncatchers

A special shout out to Turtle Magazine for this craft idea!

One day last week my 3-year-old daughter ran out the door to greet me while I was still getting out of the car with this magazine in hand, very excited to show me a craft we could do together. The instructions are illustrated so non-readers can understand it so she was busy shouting out all the things we need to use ending with "and of course those scissors."

"And of course" is one of her favorite phrases these days.

The instructions call for pressing fall leaves and crayon shavings between waxed paper, placing the creation in a frame, and hanging it on a window. They used craft foam for the frame. I took a couple of pieces of cardboard (again, validation for squirreling this stuff away!) and cut out the inside leaving a rectangular frame. Then I used the inside and cut out of that. I repeated this twice more so we ended up with a total of four frames of descending sizes.

I decided to skip the crayon shavings and opted for a more natural look with just the leaves. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they do look with the sun shining through them.

While my older daughter (age 3) did enjoy collecting the leaves and arranging them, this was a craft that included a lot of steps only for adults. I got the frames cut out while she was napping but didn't quite get the wax paper pieces cut out. It would have been better to get that done ahead of time.

 Dad stepped in offering "craft back up" when baby daughter started crying.

So much prettier than I expected!

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