October 5, 2011

Thoughts on the sunroom makeover

I am still building my inspiration board for the sunroom. I have found several inspiring rooms in decorating magazines.

 Of course, all my inspirations are large and the sunroom most certainly is not. So where I admire a room with 5 interesting side tables and collections of interesting lamps, I might only have one of each!

I need to decide between one small couch or a pair of overstuffed comfy chairs. I need to decide between neutral furniture (tan) or funky furniture (pink couch anyone?!). I am imagining the tan might be easier to find and reuse long into the future.

I really itching to start the room, perhaps by find the perfect rug or a fabulous funky floral fabric to make some curtains from... I think this is a project that will come together slowly as I find the right pieces. I haven't been searching diligently quite yet.

1 comment:

  1. The issue of size does present a conundrum. More so, when you consider that the imagination has no limits when it comes to inspiration. Still, here's to hoping that you find inspiration to make a wonderful sunroom!