September 1, 2010

My first sewing machine!

A 1952 Kenmore 117-959, courtesy of my great-grandmother, claimed from my parents' basement. Let me give you a tour!

First off, it is a piece of furniture. I love the little daisy on the drawer. And I really love the magic way the machine just pops out. It reminds me of the bat cave in the 1960s television version of Batman. Which has absolutely nothing to do with sewing but everything to do with hidden gadgets.


Cute little drawers, full of project remnants (handmade pattern pieces for doll clothes cut out of old greeting cards), a spare light bulb (packaging trimmed to fit the drawer), and even a scrap of fabric loosened on the journey to my house. It appears to be a practice piece from a child (my mom?).

The original owner's manual with the delivery date carefully noted. Now I have a real chance of learning to use this machine!

 Plus this stash of thread. For now I tossed them into this vase as decoration. Does anyone know if thread goes bad?

I have been advised I should have it professionally cleaned, oiled, etc. before using it. Wish I had thought of that before my husband and I dragged it down the stairs to my art room!


  1. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! --Sister Carrie

  2. Oh sister Carrie, my sewing fan! You're my self-taught sewing hero!