April 15, 2013

Fresh book bags!

The front – one big logo

The back – medium logos

The side – small logos

I've been keeping this project a secret for a long time. I designed the bags and then there was the long gap where the bags were produced and then shipped on a slow boat from China (literally!). Then there was the long gap where we were using up the old bags (lime green fabric with the blue & white version of the logo, if you were curious) before we started giving these new bags to the public.

But then the other day I spied one in use! How I love to see my design work out there in the real world! So now I am able to officially share the beautiful library bags I designed. My freshly-minted 5-year-old agreed to model for me, appropriately enough, right before a trip to the library.

I actually really love the business of the repeated logos acting as patterns. I think it is kind of funky and in-your-face. Not a traditional, boring bag for us! While the design was just a work-in-progress I actually had several co-workers express their, ah, hesitancy, about the design. We forged ahead all the same. If nothing else, it is memorable!

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