April 8, 2013

Stack o' craftiness

And I'm back… Thanks for your patience. I still intend to post my usual three times a week. And I rarely plan to have these empty weeks where there aren't any posts. They just seem to happen. I used to feel bad about it but I think I am done with that (the feeling bad, I mean). I have started following a few other blogs lately that seem to post rather sporadically and I still keep following them and enjoy posts when they do appear as pleasant little surprises. So enjoy the pleasantness I am offering, dear readers!

If I haven't managed to actually be crafty as of late, you can be sure I have still managed to read about quilting and crafting and other such lovelies!

Here's what I've been browsing lately:

Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories, and Celebrate Family Heritage
What is especially fun about this book is that every project is from a different blogger/crafter. I loved reading the stories and inspiration behind each project. I found many of them to be intriguing although I am avoiding adding anything new to the project list for now!

In the Studio with Angela Walters
The quilting in this book is amazing! Like, jaw-droppingly beautiful. The quilting itself is a breath-taking element with Ms. Walters. I am so not there yet with my own beginner's skills but I am suitably impressed.

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