February 16, 2010

An affordable splurge

I discovered the website 20x200 a while ago. There was a blurb about it in one of my design magazines. The name of the site comes from the fact that the artists sell 200 prints at $20 each (along with larger prints at higher prices).

This past weekend I decided to treat myself to a piece of art. The painting I bought was one that caught my eye when I first discovered the site many months ago. Lucky for me there were a few left. I am in love with the colors. The beautiful sky, the lush green, and the striking black and white of the birch trees. It has a calm and hopeful feeling for me. The artist is Lisa Congdon. I glanced through her blog and saw her entry in regards to her birthday. She noted that she did not start painting until she was 33. See? It's never too late to pursue the thing that interests you!

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