February 17, 2010

How sweet!

I came across this recipe for sugar cookies, and, even more exciting, glaze! I've never seen a recipe for a glaze before and was really excited about how it looked. I have to admit I had a hard time with the dough – the consistency wasn't right – but that's probably due to user error. Besides, I am sure any sugar cookie recipe would suffice.

They used little squeeze bottles for the glaze. We had one but of course I had to have more than one color! The only similar thing we could find at the grocery store were really designed for ketchup and mustard but they worked just fine. When I first mixed up the glaze it was pretty stiff, like regular frosting. I added more milk to make it more liquid. And I definitely added a bit too much. Ah, well. We'll do better next time!

Depending on the age of your little ones, this activity could actually become three separate kitchen adventures. We made the dough on Saturday (it needs to chill at least one hour), did the rolling and baking Monday night (cookies need to cool before decorating), and then the decorating on Tuesday. My daughter especially loves the sprinkles!

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