February 25, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: the paint

So I've been itching to paint the kitchen ever since we moved in. The color is fine, a brick red of sorts, but it's just not mine. My husband has successfully put me off for almost four years now. I've painted our living room, our dining room, our sunroom, our bedroom, the basement family room (that's a long story), the multi-purpose "art room, and Julia's room. Teal, orange and yellow, yellow, lavender, red and gray, three shades of purple, and green with a custom mural in case you're wondering.

Oh, and I did the hallway, a staircase, and the area near the back door in a tan color. It was cream before but I thought it needed to be warmer to go better with the wood floor. Choosing a neutral color paint is rather difficult. When I first was painting with it I was horrified because I thought it looked like concealer!

For a while I was thinking of keeping the red but making it brighter. I don't think I was ever entirely sold on that though. I always wait until I have a clear vision before I embark on my projects. Now I know what color I want. It's a teal but lighter and greener than the color of my living room. I've dumped the contents of my kitchen folder out onto my scanner for your viewing pleasure:

I especially like seeing the color shown in a kitchen! I too have white cabinets and trim with wood floors.

And of course, if you haven't seen the news:

It's the color of the year!


  1. i love this color! it will look especially festive with your dishes too! then you can recruit mom to make more matching dish towels!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! With the white cabinets and trim and brown tile floor I think it will have a festive, beachy feel.

  3. ooooooh it will be so modern. it looks relaly pretty!! you go, sis!!

  4. So does this mean you want to help paint?!