February 15, 2010

Sharing the Love

Ok, so Valentine's Day was yesterday. That doesn't mean we can't still be enjoying festive heart decorations now does it? We need something cheerful to get us through this last painful month of winter! A few weekends ago I enjoyed some crafting with Christy (my "sew" talented mom-in-law). I had a vision for cute little plush hearts to hang from doorknobs and in windows.

I sent some down to my nieces and nephews. Some stayed at Christy's house. The rest my daughter found homes for all over the house. We plan to make more next year! It was a super fun afternoon and a great way to use up scrap fabric. 

I also wanted to make a garland to hang on my fireplace mantle and brought along some pre-measured green ribbon just in case we got that far. We debated on the colors of the hearts (all red? all pink? every other?) but the final scheme was suggested by my sister Michelle. I especially like the bright green with the red and the pink. Like flowers on a stem I think.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful hearts! The kids love them. They all ran to there rooms to hang them on their door knobs! =)

  2. Yay! I am glad they liked them. We'll be making more for them next year. I suppose there's a maximum household capacity for stuffed hearts but it should take a while to reach it.

    Way to be the first ever commenter, by the way! :-)

  3. I feel so honored to be the first! Thanks also for the calendar, very cute and I think Nolan is jealous! =) I sent a bag of goodies for you with the mama...have fun rummaging through it!