February 18, 2010

Taste of Soul Sunday

The Communications Department at the Grand Rapids Public Library, where I work, has been trying a new promotion for large events. I've been designing posters in addition to the usual brochure. We mail them out to local churches and businesses and go door-to-door posting them in appropriate places. For this particular event we even inserted them into our city's African American newspaper, The Grand Rapids Times.

Designing posters is really fun for me. For this particular design, I used elements that I created specifically for this event. All the patterns were derived from African designs that I found in books (and we have plenty of those at the Library). The colors are all from the Library's logo, as opposed to using a traditional African color palette. I do think the oranges serves well for getting attention. Taste of Soul Sunday is in its fifth year. This is the third year I've designed the materials for it so I think the "look" is somewhat established. I am always experimenting with different ways to use the patterns.

When I first had this piece drafted my one concern was that it was too busy. But that's honestly an accurate reflection of the spirit of the day! The Library will receive between 1,200 and 1,500 visitors in a four-hour period. The building is packed and buzzing with excitement. If you're here in Grand Rapids, you should definitely consider checking it out!

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