February 23, 2010

Birthday garland!

So the next project on my radar is some festive re-usable garland. I want to craft some up before Julia's birthday party. I have visions of yellow and pink and butterflies but I can be easily influenced by other temptations in the delicious fabric store so I am not making any promises.

I first saw some how-to instructions in Amanda Blake Soule's book (apparently I am her big fan!), Handmade Home. I've also since fallen in love with the website whipup.net, which very helpfully offers a round-up of different garland ideas all in one amazing list. I am attracted to number 17 because it's easy and because it's scallops instead of triangles, which I think looks pretty. Number 27 from The Purl Bee is crazy fun too! Lots of shapes and I adore how they zig-zagged it across the ceiling in this lovely photo.

Of course the original idea was triangles spelling "Happy Birthday" that can be draped across the fireplace. And I should probably do that one first. I have a feeling this is something I could seriously get carried away with! Doesn't every room need a garland?


  1. Yay! I needed someone with a sewing machine to be my partner in craft!!!

  2. can i help design!? and then make some festive garland for my bedroom?!

  3. Yes! I think Rebecca and I are for sure going to make ones that read "Happy Birthday" but I think you and your mama should help me make the zig-zag across the ceiling, crazy shapes kind. I think I could design that to be up year round.