May 24, 2010

I spy: color, glorious color

This antique place is actually an old barn. I believe it was The Olde Farmhouse Antique & Gifts. The sunlight was streaming through the window and illuminating the display of glass. Gorgeous!

This place is called Retro/Modern. They sell all vintage furniture. Stepping inside was a fabulous time warp that so reminded me of my great-grandmother's cottage (even those wood ceiling tiles were familiar!). The outside was painted in three citrus tones: orange, lemon, and lime. Love it!

This is a detail of a painting at Water Street Gallery in Douglas. It is entitled Spinner. Acrylic on canvas by Aletha Isreals. Turns out I like modern art. Too bad it cost $1,200.  Not to say that an original piece of art at that size is not worth that amount. It's just more than I am willing to pay.

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