May 7, 2010

Loving the creative process!

Monday: Other tasks. Playing catch up or just avoiding the big looming project?

Tuesday: Scanned my hands, upped the contrast, made a selection, modified the selection, smoother, smoother again. Finally, fill in with color. Scan handwriting, up the contrast, create clean bitmaps. Layers and arrangements. Where to put the type? And the logo? What colors? Dark blue with light blue. Add white. Add some orange. Dark blue and green. Black and white. Time for feedback. Print out a dozen. This hand too narrow. This title too hidden. These colors not quite right. Type not working yet. I agree with all this criticism. Back to the scanner. Back to the computer. Trying out a "what if" scenario I mentioned. Ooh, this is good. Much better than before. More color combinations. Just one. Just two. Three. More? What about many colors in band? Vertical or horizontal? A mix? Print out 14 and display them across both counters. Leave having spent a full 8 hours on this design dilemma.

Wednesday: Early in the day feedback. These colors too similar to another event. Those with two blues just not as exciting. Agree on the new "what if" scenario. Four or five type treatments to consider but none are quite right. Again, I agree. Feedback from many at a meeting. Colors narrowed down to two options. Type treatments still in question. We're just not "there" yet. Back to the computer. Afternoon experimentations with type. With color. I am liking where this is going. Time for feedback. It's good! It's a go! Leave having spent my the 6 hours I was in the office on this project.

Now it's time to use what I've created: poster, banner, brochure, website!

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