May 13, 2010

project idea

Found a "quilt" idea for old window frames. She did it with scrapbook paper. I'd be tempted to do it with actual fabric. Ideas anyone? I have a stack of old windows waiting for a vision!


  1. i really like this idea. I have some old windows that I thought of making into picture frames, but I love the 'quilt' idea. Another thought, what about using the see-through window paints and painting something abstract on the window panes. You could even hang the window in front of you massive living room window. Like a huge sun-catcher. Or maybe even in your sunroom. Or you could even have it be outdoor art! I am on a roll! I better stop before I write a novel! Hopefully this helps you with your 'creative process'!

  2. one more thought...I saw it in a magazine a few years back and can't find it now, so I will attempt to describe.

    A lady had a huge 'picture window', and she painted a picture on the glass. Then she hung it with chains and hooks from a tree limb. It was neat because it made her outdoor garden more like a inside living room sitting area. I could see you making some sort of abstract colorful artwork that adds a little color to the outdoors year round. Just a thought! =)

  3. I like your ideas. I especially like the idea of having something outside. Hmmm...