May 4, 2010

My friend, French Paper

French Paper is a fun and funky paper mill that happens to be right here in my home state of Michigan. They produce the best promotions and I currently have not one, not two, not three... five of their posters hanging in my home. Two of which I even paid good money to have professionally framed. One of which has inspired the as-yet-unpurchased paint for my kitchen.

And I have excellent news for anyone who has wished to own such a poster themselves. They are now selling them! Woo hoo! And if that wasn't exciting enough, they also sell a bunch of other goodies with the same, sometimes strange, vintage look.

I was also super excited to see that you can purchase their paper and envelopes made from their paper for your very own. I am always looking for a good envelope supplier when I do my own graphic design projects. You could order 50, which is much smaller quantity than other sites have offered.

Some credit should go to their graphic designer – of course – Charles S. Anderson, a well-known designer still producing great stuff. I even studied him in college!

1 comment:

  1. I like that the color/title of the poster is blue raspberry - very interesting!