September 27, 2010

ArtPrize 2010: my favorite in red

ArtPrize is on and Grand Rapids is hopping! It is amazing to watch the city undergo such an amazing transformation within mere days. Murals sprout up on previously unnoticed brick walls, now elevated to canvas status. Strange creatures invade: flying pigs soar, head nodding elephants march, and dragons stand guard. Giant nests are woven, photos are displayed, paintings exhibited, videos shown. Place after place beckons, come, look, see something you've never seen before.

We had the pleasure of heading out on opening night, last Wednesday, for an impromptu adventure. Work clothes and shoes and a toddler who is in the middle of potty training limited us a bit but we still took in quite a bit.

My favorite so far is this piece, Lure/Forest by Beili Liu. My photos hardly do it justice but I am so impressed with the way it fills the empty space of the new UICA, gently dipping up and down, all so delicate and interconnected. In some ways it reminds me of sea creatures underwater, perhaps jellyfish. Considering where my creative interests are taking me as of late, I am not surprised to be attracted to something made with needle and thread either.

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