September 20, 2010

empty shelves no more!

I have been arranging and re-arranging ever since my shelves arrived. They aren't stuffed, in fact a few are even empty, but I have arrived at a point where I feel ready to share it with the world. I think it is going to be something I can continue to play with. I am very much enjoying having my treasures out on display!

First, the full view.

Now, I will highlight a couple of my favorite arrangements and combination:

Stones from the Upper Peninsula (displayed underwater for the most brilliant colors) with an antique chocolates tin adorned with butterflies. I love how the colors are similar on these two.

Textured milk glass with textured coral.

Round shapes: stopper, bottle, antique jar, and bird's nest. I would love to add to my nest collection. I think they're so impressively constructed, woven from practically nothing. How does a bird even get started?

More round shapes: driftwood and basket; seashell matches in color.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely! I know the feeling of arranging and admiring things that only you feel are treasures! Someday you might have a basement full of such "treasures" - ha!