September 15, 2010

A giant "e" in the front lawn of the Library

Every now and then being the only person in the building with flexible design software means I get to do some very interesting projects. Like create a many-paged template for a giant letter "e" wearing headphones. Check out the fully blooming result on this Library site.

And be amused at the progress photos below:

Jean helping to tape it together. We spread out in the Auditorium, the only room with enough floor space.

The Maintenance guys wondering what the heck we got them into.

 Freshly planted.

I wish I could tell you locals to pop over to the Library and see it but it has since been removed to make way for ArtPrize. We're a venue and will be having 3 pieces outdoors: flying pigs, giant clouds, and a copper tree. I am super excited about this year's event and will be sure to post photos as I view art around town.

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