March 10, 2010

And I thought of one more!

I want to do a small little book on the history of our home, which was built in 1948. One of the previous owners actually stopped by and dropped off a little folder with information about the land the home was built on, saying he found it stuffed in the ceiling of the basement. It was odd to see how often the land changed hands. I wonder if it was traded around the way stocks are? I would like to understand that better.

I think we are the fourth owner. You can actually research all of that in the local history department of the Grand Rapids Public Library (of course!). People who have seen ghosts in their homes even go in to find out who that ghost might be! I would like to establish a timeline of owners and even try to track some people down to get a few photos of the house and what it looked like when they lived there. I just think it would be a cool thing to do. I always say I am going to do the research during my lunch but I haven't gotten started yet.

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