March 27, 2010

Friday night garland!

Last night my partner in craft and I had a sew-fest. Of our three intended garlands, only one is complete. But I must take the blame since my single happy birthday garland evolved into two 6-yard multi-purpose creations. I had a fabulous time and was SO happy to see a vision of mine become reality. I find it thrilling to make something that only previously existed in my head. I suppose I do this at work but this is much more fun since it is just for me and no one has edits!

Baby triangles awaiting trimming, flipping, ironing.

I think I am going to use these skinny scraps in an Easter basket. Won't eggs look charming nestled in there?

My dear friend who encourages me in my artistic endeavors with a can-do spirit and supplies the sewing machine know-how.

Rearranging the order with my toes. 6 yards was longer than either of us had envisioned!

A garland is born!

You want to see it hanging up don't you? Well, you're just going to have to wait! The birthday party is next weekend so I am sure it will be well documented after that.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for Julia's birthday festivus, the garland looks like it turned out fantastic!! So glad you are able to work on your crafts.