March 2, 2010

In honor of our tree

I used to say I wish I had a maple tree instead of an oak tree because the leaves are so much brighter and more colorful in the fall. But I'm growing to appreciate the big strong oaks that line my street. I'm noticing the curving, dipping, rounded shape of its leaves. I'm even appreciating their year round presence. Even now, with snow still on the ground, my daughter manages to find these brown leftovers and bring them into the house, pleased with her treasure. The abundance of acorns the tree offers will provide for my children's creative adventures – a treasure of nature.

Spring might come after all. We played outside tonight – finding acorns ("find the baby ones, mom!") and eating snow (Julia, not me). 


  1. did you teach her don't eat yellow snow?

  2. Um, I am trying to teach her to look for clean snow. Now that it's melting, a lot of it has dirt in it but that does not deter her in the least unfortunately!