March 22, 2010

one person's trash... another person's treasure!

We have an on-going treasure hunt in the breakroom at work. If you have something you don't want, put it on the first table and someone is bound to take it. A drink powder you didn't like? Overnight diapers? A purse? A sweater? Put it out there! I myself have contributed a wooden picnic basket. It didn't even last 10 minutes. We're a thrifty bunch, us librarian types.

Today's treasures are some vintage chicks for Easter decorating. I snatched them right up. They're just old enough that they've earned the title "vintage" as opposed to "clutter." Now I have visions of gathering up lots of ceramic chicks and clustering them in high places or marching them across the mantle. It could be an amusing springtime display!


  1. i'll make sure i go to the "ceramic chicks" section next time i go thrifting!! =)

  2. I have to admit one of them had a .99 sticker on the bottom!